About Us

A bit about our company


What do we do?

Established in 2013, EST Marketing provides high-quality lead generation to small and medium businesses. We pride ourselves on our skill and professionalism, working with our clients to achieve their long term goals.

We not only specialise in filling our clients’ sales pipeline, we work with them to ensure they are converting as many leads as possible into sales.

For us it’s about doing what we do well, so our clients can do the same. For our clients it’s about partnering with the right firm, so they can focus on moving their business forward.

How do we do it?

1 Targeting.

Deciding who to target is the always the first step in a marketing campaign. We find it helps to begin with the end in mind: who do you want your customer to be?

2 Prospecting.

Once proper targets have been set, the right type of activity is very important. Each customer type may choose to interact with your business in a different manner.

3 Interaction.

What will the prospect need to do to enter your sales pipeline? It could be a range of things from filling out a form, attending an appointment, using a particular product, or answering a survey.

4  Next steps.

Many of our competitors like to over-look the next step in the process, as it’s not their job. We provide consultation to all our clients to help turn prospects into customers, and build the business further through effective strategies.

A short profile on our director.

Eddie Smith

Eddie Smith


Eddie has been working in marketing since the early 2000s. After studying a combined Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and Bachelor of Arts before the end of the decade, Eddie started a business in IT service & training for home users.

Adding a Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering – the realisation of a long-time goal – he began to support a greater range of systems and branch out into business IT. He then went on to build and support business phone systems for some very large contact centres.

After finally deciding he liked working with people more than machines, EST Marketing was born in 2013.

When not working on customer campaigns or building new cloud infrastructure, you can find him watching Formula 1 motor racing, or moonlighting as an IT guru.